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This is a great starting point if your new to Marketing and building your Digital Strategy

We have separated the resources based on which phase of the Blueprint Model they fall into to help you keep knowledge organized.

Analysis : A detailed examination of the elements or structure of something.

  • Business :  A research discipline of identifying needs and determining solutions to problems.
  • Market : The activity of gathering information about conditions that affect a marketplace.
  • Competitive : Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. 

Strategy : A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

  • 4 R Tactics : A series of tactical marketing strategies in 4 areas of business.
  • Content Marketing : The creation and sharing of online material to stimulate interest. 
  • Nurture Sequencing : An automated series of communications to guide leads to action.

Tracking : To follow the course or trail of something, in order to note their location at various points.

  • Goals : To aim into the future for a desired result.
  • KPI Dashboard : A tracking platform to organize and monitor business crucial metrics. 
  • Analytics : The systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.


Business Analysis

Marketing Goal Blueprint

Mapping out your goals in a format that makes them achievable sets you up for success. In this training you will map out your goals working from a 3 year plan backwards. Make sure you take the time to go through this training, it seems basic, but skipping it can erode your marketing foundations. By following this step by step process you will build a foundation road map for your Digital Marketing Journey.

What the Heck am I selling?

As a business owner or marketing manager many times we are so close to the product / service that we lose the ability to explain it to others in a simple and quick way. In this training you will learn how to map out what your selling. The process we have developed over the years not only allows you to articulate to a wider audience more clearly, but also provides the data needed for many of the technical aspects of building your Blueprint.​

Market Analysis

Customer Personas​

Marketing is all about the conversation. Digital Marketing is about having multiple conversations at the same time, at different levels. You need to map out who you are talking to and what that conversation is. In mapping out who your ideal clients are you will learn what is important to them and what conversations to have and what information is just static in the marketplace.

Journey Mapping​

Knowing who your ideal customer is begins the journey. Knowing when and where the different levels of the conversation take place is the next level of communication. In this training you will map out the multiple touch points in the Digital Landscape. Mapping out where customers interact your company and helping you to know what systems you need in place for effective communication. ​

Competitive Analysis

5x5 Competition Grid​

Within the Blueprint we map out a grid that documents the digital landscapes competition. You will want to follow this exercise per product / service. This grid focuses on the top 5 competitors in the market 5 of the various facets of their Digital Marketing. The Grid gives you a wide multifaceted look at your competitors. This detailed look gives you the data needed to properly select the Strategies and Tactics needed to gain market share, and compete within even the most complex and competitive markets. ​

Gap Analysis

By comparing your business to your competition you get to look at the business potential vs actual standing. This analysis gives you a clear starting point on your marketing journey. You will learn what you can target now and what you will need to grow into. This is an area often overlooked in a Digital Marketing Plan. By knowing where you are and where you can go your business maps out a progression to get from point A to point B. ​


4 R Tactics


Did you know that 72% of consumers will not take action until they read reviews? A Businesses reputation is a crucial part of their online presence and ability to grow and scale. You will need a solid strategy in place to collect reviews, answer reviews, monitor reviews, and how to answer negative reviews. ​


The Art and Science of getting in front of more people than you where yesterday. Your businesses reach needs to focus on multiple fronts. You need stable traffic to keep your business stable and to scale. This can include but is not limited to SEO, PPC, SMO, and other aspects of Full Stack Digital Marketing.


It is much harder to get a client than to keep a client. With that said the easiest sale is to a client. You need to build marketing campaigns designed to RESELL your current client base. This will allow you to work less and boost revenue within the business.


Putting tactics and Strategies in place to take your current customer base and turn them into "Brand Advocates" is Referral Marketing.

Content Marketing

Content Casting / Syndication

In Digital Marketing Content is king, but not just any content. You need to have a strategy to develop Expert Level content. As the business owner your the expert on what you do. Because of this you have to take control of the quality of content flowing from your company, and you need a strategy that allows you to do so without a huge increase on effort. Then you need a way to push that content to the masses. This is exactly what "Content Casting" does.

Content Calendar

Once you have a strategy in place to develop authority content for a Content Marketing Strategy. You will need to plan out what your going to talk about and when. In this training session we will cover how to develop a schedule and how to make it match with the goals of the business overall. You will also want to develop multiple types of content for various uses. With a properly developed Content Calendar you will start with your quarterly goals and plan to achieve the goals set.

Nurture Sequences

Meetings on Demand

You will learn how to handle inbound leads with automation. This will help you to focus on meeting with prospects that are pre qualified. By using a sequence that helps to qualify your leads you save hours each week by letting the system deal with those not ready yet, and getting you into meetings for people who are ready to talk serious.

Building Brand Advocates

In Digital Marketing things don't end when someone becomes a client. Once you have done all the work to get them to convert there are many more steps you need to take. You need to on-board them to help them acclimate to working with you and your company. You need to follow up with them and help to answer any questions they have, and you need to add them to your "REPUTATION" cycle.



Understanding SMART Goals

SMART is a mnemonic/acronym, giving criteria to guide in the setting of objectives. S standing for SPECIFIC. M standing for MEASURABLE. A for ATTAINABLE. R for RELEVANT. T for TIME-BASED. By applying this to the overall business goals and then to the monthly marketing goals your build a system that allows you to prioritize so that you can grow. ​

Achieve the Extraordinary

This is a session more about philosophy and mindset unlike the majority of the course. In this session we will dive into how your worldview will share your business and will dictate the level of your marketing. These small shifts in how we think and view the world around us will give insight on how our perspective influences our business, and how business growth starts inside.

KPI Dashboard

Tracking What Matters

In all marketing data there are the "Red Herrings" that throw us off and get the focus off of what matters. We will be diving into the depths of the available data and map out a process to focus on what matters, watch the outliers, and ignore the data points that are distractions.

From Spreadsheet to Dashboard

As you shift from business vision to marketing goals you will need a process to TRACK the proper data. We are going to walk you through how to use a simple spreadsheet to build a tracking dashboard that will give you insights into your business. Allowing you to focus on what matters.


Google Analytics 101

In Digital Marketing this is one of the most important aspects of Tracking. It is also the most overlooked aspect. We are going to walk you through how to get this beast setup and configured so that you can start using it to track some of your most business crucial marketing assets.

Tools and Solutions

There are so many tools in the market that it is hard to know what you should look at and what is a waste of time. Well we are constantly testing and looking. We also are looking from the KPI and Data Requirements perspective. In this session we will be looking at the best of the best systems and tools that we have tested and found useful.